Chrome YouTube Downloader

This is a step-by-step demonstration on the easiest way to download youtube videos inside Google Chrome.

There are two different ways to install Google Chrome youtube downloader software. The first method is installation via the website of the makers of this software, whereas, the other one is installation via the Google Chrome Extensions website.

Let”s have a look on the step-by-step procedure to download and use a “Chrome YouTube Downloader”.

Chrome YouTube Downloader


Open “Google Chrome”.



Select either of the following two methods to install “Chrome YouTube Downloader” Extension.

Method A: (A-1) Goto


On this page, click on “Download YouTube Downloder for Chrome”.

(A-2) Click on “Continue” to save the download the extension.



(A-3) Next, click on “Install”.


Click on “Install” would install the extension. You may start to download videos from

YouTube Downloader Extension has been installed.

Skip Method Ben 10 games for phones free download B discussed below if you are successful with installation via Method A.

Method B: (B-1) Goto


On this page, click on “Install”.

(B-2) Check for confirmation of installation.


If the Chrome YouTube Downloader has been installed on your Google Chrome, you will see the above screen with the “Installed” Button. This means your installation is complete and you may now start downloading videos from YouTube.

Test for Installation by opening



Click on any video on youtube or on the desired video to start buffering.


Suppose, you click on “If Superheroes Were Real” video.

Click “Download” button located below the video.


You may as soon as the video for the first second gets buffered.

Choose the desired video format.


Click on the desired video format to start downloading your desired file.

Open the file you just downloaded from YouTube.


When downloading has finished, open the downloaded file in media player.

Start enjoying your favorite video!



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