How To Stop Your Computer Freezing When Watching Youtube Videos

There”s a couple things to check for if your computer freezes when watching youtube videos.

As a computer tech, the first thing I would

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ask is… Does it freeze when you are playing games or watching dvd”s as well? My initial thoughts are that it could be a problem when the computer is at high CPU or GPU usage.

The first thing to diagnose would be software. Sometimes you can fix the problem by simply updating your software drivers. Specifically your graphics card driver. There is a

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very cool utility you can download to check your system for outdated drivers called Driver Detective. It”s a good idea to keep your drivers up to date anyway.

Another quick thing you can do is open your computer case and make sure your graphics card fan or heatsink is not buried in dust. This will most definitely cause your hardware to overheat very fast. Be careful when you blow it out. Do yourself a favor and take the box outside before you start blasting out your lungs and fill your room with dust.

Another thing you can try is mobile casino increasing your page file size. Open up control panel, System, Advanced, Performance, Settings, Advanced, and under the Virtual Memory heading, click Change. Depending how much disk space you have will depend on how high you can set this value. Increase the Initial and Maximum size to no more than 60% of your available space value.

If you have updated

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your drivers, cleaned out the dust gathering in your case, and tried increasing your page file settings, then try downloading a reputable registry cleaner application to scan your computer for anything that might be causing software or hardware problems. Some of these applications will also be able to help you disable unnecessary applications that are loading when windows starts and slowing down your computer. I know Regcure is able to do that.

These are some quick things you can do to fix any software issues that might be causing problems before you get into the heavy stuff of pulling out and testing hardware components.

If you liked this article or you would like me to write more about other software or hardware tests you can do, then write a comment below.

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