How to increase uTorrent download speed – Advanced

Your download speed through uTorrent can be drastically increased by making its incoming as well as outgoing connections communicate freely. Only then speeds close to the highest possible through your connection may be achieved.

Here is a step by step guide to manually configure some of these important settings.

Download the tutorial as a PDF:

How to increase uTorrent download speed – Advanced

1. Open ‘uTorrent’.


2. Click ‘Options’.


In the uTorrent software window, click ‘Options’ from the menu bar.

3. Now click ‘Preferences’.


Note: Keyboard shortcut for Preferences is Ctrl+ P

4. In the preferences window, click ‘Connection’.

Now, change some of these values in the ‘Connection’ field. 

5. Change the preferences for ‘Port used for incoming connection’


Change this value to 80 or 443. If neither of these values suits your system, then you have to choose a proper port to avoid making ISP blocks. Improper port values may result in conflicts with some other programs running on your system as well.

6. Other ‘Listening Port” preferences


# Uncheck ‘Enable UPnP port mapping’

# Uncheck ‘Randomize port each start’

# Keep ‘Enable NAT-PMP port mapping’ checked

# Keep ‘Add Windows Firewall exception’ checked

Note: You have to check the ‘Add Windows Firewall exception’ because windows firewalls block all incoming connections and some of the outgoing connections as well.

7. Now Click ‘Bandwidth’ on Preferences Window.



8. Change the ‘Bandwidth’ preferences as listed below.


The next step is to adjust some of the internal settings according to the upload capacity of your internet connection. You should allow a little room for the outgoing communications as well. In this way, the upload is distributed efficiently.

Here are some changes to be made:

# Change the value of ‘Maximum Upload Rate’ to about 80% of your maximum upload limit.

# Keep the value of ‘Maximum Download Rate’ to 0 kBps.

# Change the value of ‘Maximum number of connections’ to 300-800.

# Change the value of ‘Maximum number of connected peers per torrent’ to 125-150.

# Change the ‘Number of upload slots per torrent’ to 5-25.

# Check the ‘Use additional upload slots if upload speed < 90%’

Note: Ample upload speed is necessary so as to have more download speed. But excessive upload speed may hamper the download speed. Since a trade-off is necessary between the two criteria, you are asked to set your upload speed to about 80% of the maximum upload speed.

9. Next, change the ‘BitTorrent’ preferences as listed below.


# Check all check boxes except for the ‘Limit local peer bandwidth’ check box.

Note: Enabling of peer sources such as ‘Peer Exchange’ and ‘DTH’ will mark an increase in download speeds by letting your uTorrent software find more seeds and peers. Aditionally, enablings local peer discovery lets you search peers on your extended system, LAN party or ISP.

# Leave the ‘IP/Hostname to report to traker’ text box.

10. Next, change the value of ‘Protocol Encryption’.


# Select ‘Forced’ as the value for ‘Outgoing’.

Note: Enabling or forcing encryption stops interference of ISPs with uTorrent.

# Check the ‘Allow incoming legacy connections’ check box if it is unchecked.

Note: Checking this will increase the speed by allowing you to have a very large number of seeds/peers.

11. Click ‘Advanced’ in the preferences window.


Scroll down and keep searching for net.max_halfopen.

12. Change the value of net.max_halfopen.


Change the value to ’500′ and click ‘Set’.

13. Now scroll and look for net.outgoing_port.


Having found it, click it. Then change the value to ’50′ and click ‘Set’.

14. Search and click net.wsaevents.


Just beneath net.outgoing_port is net.wsaevents. Change its value to 150

15. Apply the changes by clicking on the ‘OK’ button on the window.


Is this enough to get a great download speed on uTorrent?

These basic steps will help you optimize uTorrent to it’s full potential. Some adjustments may be needed depending on the speed of your internet connection. The next step is to choose a torrent wisely. Always go for torrents with a considerably high seed to peer ratio.

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